"A legacy is something you create and enjoy with others now,

knowing it will continue to enhance their lives when you've passed away." - Robb Lucy

Holding this notion close to heart throughout the course of our lives is something to strive for, and a worthwhile measure of "success" (according to my personal definition, that is.) If your purpose on the planet doesn't involve making life a little better, a little brighter for others in some way, you might want to re-evaluate your purpose. In my world it has FAR less to do with money, power and accumulation of "stuff" and much more to do with service, contribution and lasting impact. In other words, it's not about YOU. It's about what you inspire in others. What you DO for others that truly matters. Although oddly enough, I happen to agree with Jim Rohn, who said: "Whoever renders service to many puts herself in line for greatness - great wealth, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy."

"Wise is he who leaves a legacy of love that death can never steal." - Chris T. Atkinson

The concept of encouraging and inspiring people to create meaningful experiences, relationships, stories and ultimately authentic, legacy driven lives struck a deep chord with me. Resonating so deeply in fact, that I felt compelled to change the name of my company in 2011 to reflect this core competency and create space for growth :: Legacy Junction™ it was! As my vision continued to transend the confines of traditional photography, it felt necessary for all aspects of my business to follow suit. Somewhere along the seemingly fortuitous way, this had become a whole lot more. More than simply photographing a person in their best light, it was about encouraging them to LIVE their light, in every sense of the word.

To properly grasp what The Gratitude Train™ is and how it came to fruition, one must first understand my near obsession with legacies and in particular -- all things tangible. The irreplaceable things that reflect the depths of a person's soul and that have the power to stir something deep within. Anything that you create, enjoy, share or GIVE that carries true meaning in the present day, but that will be infinitely treasured down the line. The things you would grab if (heaven forbid) there was ever a fire - that contribute to the story of who we are, or who our loved ones are, and one day it will be the story of who we were. They aren't necessarily expensive treasures, in fact they usually aren't, but they are valuable beyond measure. Photo Albums. Letters. Journals. Greeting Cards. Pictures. Videos. Words. Stories. Songs. Art. Yes, you could say I'm a bit obsessed. A desire was born to create a much larger ripple effect, beyond what I can do as one girl behind a camera. This isn't about ME taking beautiful photos for your family once every few years for you to post on Facebook. That's all well and good, but this is about empowering YOU to do it as well - to embrace a legacy mindset in YOUR life and business. To give you a taste of the joy that can be found in doing so, and hopefully opening your eyes to a whole new world of possibility.

In early 2013, after a string of serendipidous events, I found myself on the brink of a beautiful new business collaboration. Soon after joining forces with friend and fellow entrepreneur Patricia West - we became armed with a powerful idea, a whole lot of passion, and the desire to make a difference. A vision that began as a tiny seed, quickly blossomed and evolved into The Gratitude Train™ :: A heart centered movement that strives to inspire others to unlock the fullness of life through embracing a legacy mindset and gratitude infused lifestyle through authentic, inspired connection. We wholeheartedly embrace the notion that gratitude can create true fulfullment in our lives - especially tangible gestures of love, celebration and appreciation. At the very core of our collaboration and community is the philosophy and mantra that we are all interconnected, that competition and comparison are OLD news, that strong people lift others up, that words are THINGS with great power attached to them, and that the little whispers, nudges - "promptings" that come our way are meant to be acted upon, not ignored, and that WE are the creators of our own stories; Your life is your message to the world - make sure it's inspiring.

You are the right person, alive at the right time to leave a legacy of love in the world.

Gratitude isn't just a hokey word that Oprah throws around, but rather a way of life that has immense, unlimited possibility. We believe that it is entirely possible to:  Restore broken relationships, eliminate fear and foster love, renew and strengthen friendships, supercharge businesses, lift spirits, heal lonely hearts, attract infinite abundance, change mindsets, reverse damaging paradigms and limiting beliefs, ignite personal, spiritual and emotional transformation, increase levels of happiness, connectedness and the desire to live a purpose driven life - all while celebrating the human experience. As if that wasn't enough, we also believe anyone with the desire can achieve financial success in the process. Yes, we believe it is entirely possible to make the world a better place, a massive DIFFERENCE, and a living. A living through giving.

BEING grateful is a start, but it isn't enough!

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." - William Arthur Ward

Although we can attempt to articulate all of the beautiful possibilities, it is our intention to empower you to simply experience it for yourself. We are encouraging people to get proactive, by giving SendOutCards a try. If you become really inspired like we are, you might consider embracing a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge to truly feel the power of what we are talking about. Participating in the Gratitude Challenge means you would be sending one, heartfelt greeting card in the mail every single day for thirty days, to anyone who has made a positive difference in your life. You will make a huge impact on those who will receive your cards, but perhaps best of all - you the giver - stands to be moved the most. You can start anytime, and we are here to help and support you every step of the way. We truly believe in gratitude on ALL platforms in all capacities - which we will be sharing over time. But it is through the ease, affordability and magic of SendOutCards that we are able to bring gratitude to the world on a grander scale, creating a ripple effect that is far beyond ourselves.

It is our inherent desire to:

:: Inspire thousands of people to embrace the power of gratitude.

:: To perpetuate a beautiful cycle of positivity.

:: Be catalysts for positive change by empowering you to take gratitude to new heights.

:: To transform lives through the power of appreciation.

:: To gently nudge humanity in a positive direction.

:: To eliminate the fear, competition + scarcity mindset, and replace it with love and prosperity.

:: To create a vibrant community of proactive, intentional, inspired givers.

:: To be difference makers.

:: To invite anyone who believes in our vision and philosophy to become difference makers alongside of us. Together we can move mountains!

:: To ignite a flame in your heart for the power of your own words + impact.

:: To empower you to turned overlooked blessings into meaningful experiences.

:: To take you on a wild ride of possibility!

Please visit my website for more information at: The Gratitude Way

Or you can have a peak at this blog post: 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

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